Hello world!

I recently watched a movie called “Julie & Julia“.

Although I wasn’t all that interested in the cooking aspect of the movie, I was curious to find out what the story line was all about.

There is a scene in the movie where Julie has lunch with friends and realizes that her friends are all busy with work projects and it motivates her to make something happen in her world. Just then I discovered that I was just like her… lacking a bit of motivation.

I know we all have times that we get caught up in all of the mundane day-to-day tasks. But I have got to start a bucket list, write a book, submit invention ideas, start a scrapbook, research my genealogy and the list goes on. How many times have you come across a product and thought “hey, I had that idea a long time ago!”

So this blog for me is about being accountable to myself. A place where I can share things that inspire me, that make life a little easier, or just things I like.

Thanks for stopping by and please leave a comment to let me know you were here. 🙂