Natural Skin Nourishmentwhip’d cream natural skin nourishment

Driving around on a Saturday afternoon I came upon a local farmer’s market. One of the first booths I found inside was for a local company called Simblissity, that makes natural soap products.

My nine year old daughter chose the Sun Kissed scent, Whip’d Cream (or lotion as we call it)  and I must admit it is my favorite!

This product does not contain any fillers and is concentrated.

Active Ingredients

bilberry extract

sugar cane

sugar maple

orange & lemon fruit extract (17%)

Other Ingredients


cocoa butter

coconut oil

shea butter

wax free emulsifier

fragrance oil


flax seed oil

hemp seed oil

guar gum

natural preservative blend

full spectrum vitamin E

ascorbic acid (vitamin C)

ionic silver

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Repurposed Ikea® Products

If you’ve spent any time in my home, then you know I love Ikea®!

The other day I was browsing the internet and came across a website where someone modified an Ikea® bookshelf and used it as a bench seat. I thought that was just ingenious, as it looked like a piece of furniture that had been made specifically as a bench seat.

As I continued browsing the internet I found a blog called Ikea® Hackers. A place where you can post Ikea® products that you have either modified or repurposed.

Wow! They have some great ideas. I can’t believe how many creative and handy people are out there.

Click the link under Blogs on the side bar to visit Ikea® Hackers.